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Fan Fic of the Week (August 1)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:29 am    Post subject: Fan Fic of the Week (August 1) Reply with quote

Fan Fic Pick of the Week 1/8/09

What, only two submissions this week?

Hopefully this means everyoneís putting their best efforts into the Feet First Into Halo Fan Fiction Competition.

That said the two submissions were both quite unique in their own ways; one gives us an alternate history of early Earth politics whilst the other shows what happens when Grunts have too much fun.

Honorable Mention

Halo Origins: Prologue by Enthrone Darkness.

What appears to be an alternate telling of HALOís history.

What I liked: I was surprised when I read this and Enthrone described how political tensions grew and lead to the revival of Russian supremacy. The detail and thought given to it was very intriguing.

Iím happy to see Australia wasnít mentioned because as you all should know weíre just too awesome to suffer from those little problemsÖ

What I didnít like: I donít want to be harsh but I really dislike the whole ďsquad of specialistsĒ you have going there. Iím already getting a strong sense of uber-marine (Spetsnaz in this case) shining through with these characters.

I understand theyíre meant to be the best of the best but they seem too good to be believable.

There are some issues of GPS that really broke up the flow of the story and most of those issues have been touched upon in the commentís thread.

No matter what you may say, correct GPS is important and in maintaining the readerís focus. Weíre all here to learn and better ourselves so letís all keep up the good work, alright blokes?

Overall worth a read, Iím interested in seeing where this goes.

Fan Pick of the Week

It's All Grunty Fun and Games... By JordanBBad

Alright I know weíve all experienced when playing the HALO games but what really does happen after John falls to the enemy and the Gruntsí begin pilfering his equipment? Jordanís story gives us a good yarn on the case.

What I liked: Alright this story was great fun to read. Not on the same level of Kabuís (in)famous Bad Days series but itís not without its own merits.

Take this for example:

"Grr! I'm the demon! I'ma eat your flesh now, 'cause I'm a big, insensitive jerk!" said Kimsak in his deepest voice, trying to imitate the demon. They all laughed at his accurate impersonation. An orange-armored Wiyab played along. "And I'm his ugly, stupid best friend, the Ar-bitch-er! Wort wort wort!!"

That one had me pretty much hooked for the rest of the story. Just imagining a bunch of Grunts in that situation brings a smile to my face.

What I didnít like: The paragraphs seemed to go on and on at times and a little coding wouldnít have gone astray but for a first time poster it is commendable.

The end of the story didnít seem to fit very well. I sort of expected the Grunts too somehow come out on top of it all and I donít know, maybe lead some sort of uprising or at least have a funny end.

Really enjoyed this and I think itís well worth a read for those who are looking for something entertaining but not too serious.

And with that I'm off to bed.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm infamous now? Sweet.

Even though there were only two submissions, I agree that they were both good quality writing - especially considering that Jordan is a first-time submitter. Good work!
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