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The Rules as of Sept 22nd, 2009

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:58 pm    Post subject: The Rules as of Sept 22nd, 2009 Reply with quote

Fundamental board rules:
A1. No discussions about illegal activities or endorsing lawbreaking.
Rules vary from country to country, but this is the Internet. I expect all of you to exercise common sense.

A2. No endorsment of or planning of quasi-legal activities.
"Grey area" is defined as stuff that isn't technically illegal, but isn't explicitly legal; such as preparation of explosives, distribution of illegal substances, bit-torrenting copyrighted music or software, software piracy, denial-of-service, or cyber crime is not permitted.

A3. Be honest about yourself.
This is a given. If you make a claim about yourself, such as your age, gender, level of education, or employment, be prepared to prove it.

A4. No posting of unsolicited ads.
Violation of this rule will earn a place on the SHoS.

A5. No links to porn, adult content, viruses, or warez.
This is a given. Any topics that are suspected to be Not Safe For Work must be marked accordingly. Failure to do so will result in deletion of the link, or more severe consequences.

A6. Don't surf for information.
This rule applies to spammers, mainly, but remember that requesting other members, namely female members for pictures can come off very creepy.

A7. Remember what you post can be read by anyone.
This is a public forum and anyone with an E-mail address and five minutes to complete a registration form can see what you write. Be prepared to have everyone you know - and don't know - see anything you post. This may come back to haunt you later, so as a good rule of thumb, if you couldn't have someone see it in real life, it is probably not safe to post on the internet!

A8. No sockpuppeting.
One user, one account. Do not use someone else's account, or allow someone to use yours. You are responsible for the security of your own account. For best security, use a password at least eight characters long of entirely random letters, numbers, and symbols.

A9. Don't give out someone else's personal information.
Don't give out something that could compromise someone else's personal safety or security.

A10. Hate or racism is not tolerated.
We're secure enough in ourselves to understand (and laugh at) jokes and funnies about races, cultures, but hate is not tolerated.

A11. Piracy is not tolerated.
Again, this is mentioned for emphasis. Do not link to torrents or encourage cracked software. While I understand this is perfectly legal in some countries, it is not legal here. This includes torrent files for copyrighted and protected music. However, bit-torrenting non-protected media (such as, for example, bugfixes for games distributed by bittorrent, broadcasts that are typically send out by bittorrent, or open-source software) is perfectly acceptable.

Forum Conduct
B1. It is perfectly acceptable to flame others if they demonstrate they are deserving of it.
While I expect everyone to keep some degree of civility when communicating, it is a troll tactic to hide snide remarks and or make patronizing statements to incite a flamewar, before calling the manners card; in this case, the manners card provides no such protection.

Needlessly started or puerile flamewars will not be tolerated. However, it is perfectly acceptable to flame members to a crisp if they are being dishonest or stupid, or are using logical fallacies in an argument, however trivial the argument will be. Many other forums have unconditional 'miss manners' rules. However, this forum is not one of them.

B2. This forum is in English, and it will stay that way.
Please do not use leetspeak, MSN type, or other net shortforms. You will use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling at all times.

B3. Your posts must serve a purpose.
Please do not post empty one-liners. Your posts should be clear, concise, and convey something clearly. (Threads specifically marked as an exception to this rule are exempt)

B4. No me-tooing.
x2, and +1 posts, or empty "I agree with the above poster" posts will be deleted.

B5. Do not necropost.
If a topic is old (a good guideline is by two weeks, as of September 2009), please do not bump it unless you have some new insights to bring to the conversation. Thread necromancy will be deleted.

B6. Please do not bump comment pages.
Stories that attract lots of attention are brought to the top. However, if yours isn't there, please do not bump it with "first post!" or "I spent some time on this, please read and review!" posts - they will be removed. If you have a note to add, please see the guidelines for adding one at the comments section.

B7. Do not stretch pages.
If the image is over 800x600 pixels in size, please link it. If you have a hotlink, please link it.

[url=] text you want to see appear hotlinked [/url]

Please do not use misleading hyperlinks. Misleading hyperlinks may be edited or deleted.

B8. Do not overuse smilies or use quotes that are too long.
As a rule of thumb, quoted text should be less than 25% of your post length.

...A truncated message


A long message.
Lots of text.
Lots of quotes in quotes

Lots of text

One small reply.

B9. No thread hijacks.
This goes without saying; topics are called topics for a reason, please stay within them. If you want to start a new one, feel free to do so.

B10. Do not cross-post.
Do not promote your own stories multiple times in No-Topic or Venting threads.

B12. Do not refer to your fan fiction as a 'book.'
A book implies a published, printed volume. Unless your material is, it is not to be referred to as a book. Also, do not put copyright logos on your fan fiction - Halo, the characters, and the setting are Bungie's intellectual property. Doing so is stealing.

B13. Type your message body out in normal font.
It is the standard for a reason. Please do not deviate from this. Your message content should be what makes your post stand out, not how it is formatted.

B14. Do not try to carry out a vendetta with another member.
Disagreeing with another member over a topic is perfectly acceptable; however, following them around the forum with your postings just to mess with or annoy them is not. This includes using the PM system, as well.

On Communicating with Staff

C1. Do not tempt or dare moderators or administrators to ban you.
We will oblige your request. Those who leave in a huff and publicly request their profiles to be deleted will also have their wishes granted, but accounts cannot be reactivated once they have been deleted.

C2. Criticising the staff is permitted on one condition:
The staff are people too, and falliable. Debating with them about their opinions is perfectly acceptable, and the same rules apply (see B1), but do not baselessly or pre-emptively accuse them of abusing their standing; this is a common troll tactic.

C3. If your story hasn't been included in the update, be patient.
If you are unsure, please ask Louis Wu if your story was received. Please be respectful and mind the -submission guidelines.

Your Personal Profile

D1. Signatures and avatars are to be kept small and discrete.
Please do not use animated files in avatars or signatures.

D2. Your postcount is a measurement, not a bragging right.
"It is not a claim to fame, and can become a mark of shame." High postcounts are worthless if all of them are spam or oneliners.

D3. Name changes are permitted, but not often.
You may change your name, but please try not to request too many. If you want to request a name change, please send a private message to me detailing the name you want (and possibly why you want it), and I will take it up with you. Note that those who change their name too frequently may be ignored.

D4. If you are truly deserving of a custom title, you will be picked for it.
If you're very witty, funny, or have earned it, you might get one. But the best way to guarantee you won't is to come out demanding it.

Actions that may result from misconduct.

In many cases, if the problem is minor, one of the moderators or supervisors will fix it and notify you. However, other things could occur as a result of misconduct, including, but not limited to:

Editing of your profile and/or loss of certain board privileges.
If you have abused your avatar or signature, it may be changed without warning or revoked. In the event of a vendetta, you may also lose the privilege to send private messages.

Locking a comment page. (yours?)
If a page has been bumped too much, it may be locked temporarily to allow others to have a chance at the top, or permanently, at our discretion.

Wherever you are, it may be a democracy, but this website is privately maintained and owned; registering as a user and posting on it is a privilege, not a right, and if abused, will be revoked.

IP Logging
Unsolicited messages (spamvertisements, link farming, etc) will have their IP addresses and registration information publicly displayed.

Do note: In some cases the staff may be lenient and give you another chance. This does not tie our hands for future incidents.

That in mind:
Welcome to the forum, and please enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, check the FAQs, message me, or ask any of the other staff.
SYSTEM | HBOFF Administrator | "Anytime, Baby!"

I apologize to anyone I have not offended yet. I will get to you shortly.
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